Our PLUS Services


(Personal & Medical)

Grocery Shopping, Beauty, Barber,Faith Based,Meal Pickup,Pharmacy etc.

Nursing Home/Retirement Facility Assistance

Assist nursing home staff with patient care (feeding, bathing, incontinence, fall prevention, monitoring).

Post Hospital Transitional Care

Discharge order support/follow up care

Tuck in/Tuck out


2hrs of services helping with night/day grooming medication reminders, safety checks

Hospital Facility


Assist hospital staff/doctors/ nurses/techs with patient care (feeding, bathing, incontinence, fall prevention, monitoring).


We wish to identify problems and find appropriate solutions based on each family’s personal need. We aim to professionally provide, implement and monitor services designed for the persons served. We want to ensure good quality of life, preservation of dignity, as well as function at their maximum ability level and live in the least restrictive environment. We will provide each family served with professional, nurturing, and highly skilled at home professional care.


We aim to be the premier provider of home care, eldercare, and other supportive services specifically for patients and families suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s and any form of physical or memory impairment. 

Core Values

Compassion, Respect, Trust, Integrity, Communication, and Partnerships

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